Apartment Painting Ideas

Are you living in an apartment where painting is allowed? If so, congratulations. You are part of the lucky few who have that freedom.
Now that you have that freedom, it’s time to figure out what to paint, and how. Here are some things to consider when getting ready to paint your apartment.

Some colors open up a room, while others make the room feel restricted and small. Bolder and darker colors will make the rooms look and feel smaller, while lighter colors open up the room. Use the bold colors on furniture and decor to accent the room. You can also save a large chunk of money by painting just one wall of a room, which makes itself the accent of the room. Then head to Target and buy some stylish looking art piece, hang it on that accent wall, and you’ll be the artsiest guy/gal around. The opposite gender will then consider you “mysterious” and/or “deep,” so you’ll become that much more interesting.

You could also throw caution to the wind and be totally creative. Take my friend for example. She’s a graphic designer and decided to apply her designing madness to their new apartment. This photo shows the result of her genius. Of course, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to do this, just make sure you have 4 or 5 opinions about your idea and your color scheme before you invest.

Here’s a list of colors and some words to describe what kinds of feelings or ideas they evoke: (summarized from Color Wheel Pro. Detailed descriptions through the link.)
Red: fire, blood, passion, intense, emotional
Orange: energy of red, happiness of yellow. Joy, sunshine, enthusiasm, creativity
Yellow: sunshine, joy, energy, spontaneous
Green: nature, growth, harmony, freshness, safety, money
Blue: depth, stability, truth, wisdom, intelligence, faith, heaven
Purple: stability of blue, energy of red, royalty, mystery, magic, romance, most preferred color by children
White: light, goodness, innocence, purity, perfection, cleanliness
Black: power, elegance, death, evil, formality, mystery

So now maybe you’ve chosen your color scheme. That’s most of the battle. It’s time to choose which paint to buy, and how much of it.
If you’re trying to pinch pennies, your gut reaction to paint prices might be to just buy the cheapest brand and make it work. I’ve seen first hand the results of this type of choice. Cheaper brands of paint are more watery. They require much more paint to actually get the job done. More expensive brands will use less coats over the same area. You’ll be using at least twice as much paint by going with the cheap brands, so it may end up costing you the same in the long run anyway. My recommendation is to just take the hit right up front and pay the extra cash for the higher quality paint.

Here’s a nifty idea I heard about recently: it’s called Idea Paint. Idea Paint turns your wall into a dry erase board. It really is a great little product. And fortunately, the home paint prices are quite realistic. Jump on over there and check out their great idea.

The last and perhaps most important thing to reiterate here is the benefit of approaching friends and family and saying “I need some painting apartment ideas” or just show them the ideas you have. If you get several opinions, watch to see what everyone agrees on. That will usually indicate that it will be equally as common if you were to expand your survey. If they differ completely on some aspects, then it’s more than likely just a difference of opinion, so that doesn’t matter. You can do what you want, and you’ll be great.

So good luck, and happy painting. Let us know how it goes, and post some pics of your finished product to our Facebook page. Share your ingenuity with the world.

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