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Meet the New Gypsies: Horses, Wagons, and Facebook

Meet the New Gypsies

-From Daily Mail (@DMAILnews)-

So your mom stops by your apartment—you know—”just to say hi,” and you clearly haven’t cleaned up anything. You know as soon as she walks in, she’s going to unleash the classic cliche, “Were you raised in a barn?!” Now likely weren’t raised in a barn, but if you were a 21st Century Gypsy, you could at least say you were raised in a horse-drawn caravan.

Like a group of vintage amish hippies, fashion photographer Iian McKell has captured the life of these new gypsies in a series of powerful images and published them in a new book.

The Daily Mail article shares a splendid collection of these bizarre and intriguing moments in the life of a modern-day gypsy. I don’t know how you gauge whether or not a photograph is great or not, but for me, it’s all about emotion. As I scrolled through and saw each photo, I got more and more sucked-in to this mysterious lifestyle I never really knew existed. The imagery is romanticizing. Every color, texture, and facial expression is like a question you may never get the answer to, but for some reason, that’s okay. It’s the idea of pure freedom and true living that feeds our envy.

I’m not sure if this adds to the intrigue or slightly deters from it, but these “tribes” of gypsies are also fully connected. They use laptops, internet, and even Facebook. I’m sure there’s more about this in McKell’s book, “The New Gypsies.”

What do you think of the photos? What kind of emotions do they give you? Does it surprise you to know that they travel like pioneers, but are as social media savvy as Apple fanboys?

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